Sleeping Well

Getting a good night of quality sleep has a bigger impact on your health than you might realise 😴

But for many, it isn't always that easy.

Below we've outlined some simple things you can do to get a better night's sleep 👇

🛏️ Try going to bed around the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning.
🛏️ Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol too close to bedtime.
🛏️ Keep screens out of your bedroom.
🛏️ Try simple meditation, like focusing on taking deep, slow breaths.

Christmas Party!

Elmwood Medical Centre would like to wish happiness, hope & togetherness for all our patients this Holiday Season! 🎅🎅

We would like to thank our Doctors, Nurses & staff for being there for the community during these unprecedented times. COVID has hit our lives and the community very hard. Our thoughts are with you, your friends & family.

We are celebrating Togetherness with our team after a very tough year.

We are here to support you since 2007 and open as usual. Visit for all your medical needs or visit us in-person to see our Xmas decorations.

We are Fully Bulk Billed Clinic including weekends (No GAP) and accepting New Patients.

Have a safe Christmas and a New Year filled with Togetherness!

Lung Cancer Awareness

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Did you know that each year, more than 12,000 Australians are diagnosed with lung cancer?

This month, we urge everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer to raise awareness of early diagnosis. It’s important to know the symptoms as although it occurs mostly in people aged 60 and over, it can affect people of any age.

What are the symptoms?
• coughing up blood
• a new or changed cough that doesn’t go away
• chest pain and/or shoulder pain or discomfort – the pain may be worse with coughing or deep breathing
• trouble breathing or shortness of breath
• hoarse voice
• weight loss
• loss of appetite
• chest infection that doesn’t go away
• tiredness or weaknessMany conditions can cause these symptoms, not just lung cancer.

Anyone can get lung cancer, even if they have never smoked. If you have any of these symptoms and they are persistent, talk to a doctor.

We are open as usual to support you.
Accepting new patients and walk-in appointments
All consultants are bulk billed – face to face and telephone.
We don’t charge any GAP payments for our consults, including on weekends.
We look forward to serving you and your families.