You can make an appointment over the phone by calling
02 6056 2011.

Our receptionists are available to book appointments from 8:30am on Mon-Fri, and 9am on Saturdays.

You can also book on line. 24 hours a day even when the clinic is closed. Not all of our appointments are available online, so please make sure to call the clinic if you can’t find a time online to suit you.

Book Online

If you need an urgent appointment, it is always best to call so we can do our best to fit you in (for emergencies please call 000 in the first instance).

Booking the right type of appointment helps to keep our doctors running on time.

We offer standard and long appointments, depending on the nature of your health need.

Our doctors try to run as close as possible to their appointment times, however this is not always possible. Emergencies take priority and may cause unexpected delays. If you are concerned that your doctor may be running late, you may wish to ring us before coming in.

Standard appointments

A standard appointment should be booked if you wish to discuss a single health issue.

Long Appointments

A long appointment should be booked if you wish to discuss more than 1 health issue or you think you may have a lot of questions to ask your doctor.